Audrey Logeais and her partner Ahmed walked into Disneyland Paris, dressed as Jafar and Maleficent.

No one knew that the two were just regular park visitors like everyone else. The subtle makeup that she had done on both herself and Ahmed was illusive of something straight out of a Disney movie. That’s when Audrey knew that she was on to something.

It didn’t take too long for park-goers to stop the duo to ask for pictures. Audrey figured that her makeup had done wonders.

It was the same that she decided to rework Jafar’s makeup on Ahmed’s face and post the final product online for everyone to see—she woke up to an overwhelming response. The feedback was positive all around, and she says that she kept going with her makeup creations “for the thrill of it.”

She went home and decided to revamp the Jafar makeup she did on her partner. Then she posted the pictures online.

Ahmed instantly became Audrey’s model for her villain makeup shoots. She says that a lot of people think it’s her face behind these finely-crafted looks, but it’s a little-known fact that it’s really her partner.

The responses to Audrey’s work were exceptional.

After looking at these striking images, everyone is asking the same question: Why did Audrey choose Disney villains? “I personally choose Disney villains because their features (nose, eyes, contrasted faces) are more easily transposable on a human’s face. Princesses or classical heroes are feasible, but are less true to life and spectacular.”

So she decided to play around with more Disney villain looks; her model is (almost) always Ahmed.

The Disney makeup project has brought a different kind of satisfaction to Audrey’s life. This endeavor allows the animator to bring together her passion for animation and makeup: “I love seeing both the world of animation and makeup come together to give life to this project.”

The Disney makeup project brings together Audrey’s love for animation and makeup.

She is a die-hard Disney fan, and after completing her major in animation, she’s been working as a designer on TV series for the last nine years. Two years ago, she decided to take professional makeup lessons to feed her love for fashion/beauty. “Since then,” she claims, “I have mainly been involved in fashion photo shoots, but my objective is to work on American films. It would be my dream job to get to do the makeup for feature-length film characters such as ‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Star Wars,’ ‘Alice in Wonderland’ or the upcoming live-action Disney movies.”

She’s a die-hard Disney fan, so she has fun with the looks given her passion for all of the movies!

Aside from getting creative in reel animation and makeup artistry, Audrey likes to get whimsical and think out of the box in real life as well! She recently celebrated her “unbirthday” like the Mad Hatter and Alice did in the cult classic, “Alice in Wonderland.” She happily admits that “I always found the idea [of the unbirthday] great and I would have an excuse to make crazy snacks, like a giant candy cake!”

She recently celebrated her “unbirthday” just like the characters in everyone’s favorite, “Alice in Wonderland!”

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Article source: Wonderish